YK English Class January


What`s your favorite home cooked meal?

Tonight`s Topic:

Talk your Head Off p 58 #3 continue (Ghosts and the Supernatural)

Breaking News English – Online Learning


What was your favourite comic when you were in high school? Why did you like it?

Tonight`s topic:

Talk your Head Off p. 66 & 67

Time See #2

Banning Plastic Bags

Tuesday 8-9PM Online Class-December/January

12/22: 8-9PM

How was your week?-Group

How does Christmas and New Year`s in Japan differ from other countries?-Pairs

Lab-grown Meat

5 Topics – pairs and groups


1/5: January

  1. What did you do during the holidays?

2. Group: Talk a Lot 2 p. 8 Trivia Quiz Sennah asks the questions to Teams

3. Quiz 2: Quizmaster Shanaya (Talk a Lot 2 p. 9#4 Comparing things. Students must guess the correct answer. Shanaya gives hints-

For example: ” It`s smaller than a dog and it eats less than a hamster.” Answer: bird

4. Kimchi

5. Free Conversation



  1. What is your favourite kind of desert? How does it taste? – Group

2. Dog Diet – Pairs

3. Talk a Lot p. 12 Occupations Sennah reads the hints on the right, students must guess the correct job 2 teams

4. Talk for one minute about one of the following words: (pairwork)

banana, dog, bird, cat, mailman, Joe Biden, Prime Minister Suga, computer

5. Tell your partner about a book, movie or tv show.



Topic: Online Learning

  1. How is online learning different from face to face learning? What do you like/dislike about online learning? – Group

2. Talk a Lot 2 p. 13 #4 Shanaya reads the hints and students must guess the word – 2 teams

3. Moose – groups

4. What are your hobbies? Ask the questions at #1. Choose a group leader. The leader asks the questions. Ask your leader some questions too!



  1. Which animals can you find in North America? Which animals from North America can you find in Japan? – either they are invasive species or they are in Japan too. (native to Japan as well) – group

F. The Harry Potter Game – say a problem that is happening at Hogwarts or near Hogwarts. What do you do next?

Choose your character, but you can be any character you want – anytime. You can be different characters.

2. Ask your partner 5 questions – any topic! (Pairs)

3. Time -group discussion, choose your group leader. The leader asks the questions from #2 or her/his own questions about Time.

4. Talk a Lot 2 p. 14 #2 Sennah and Shanaya interview students about work.

5. Explain how to get to your home from the nearest train station.

See you in February!